he CRIFF aims at promoting and developing interdisciplinary collaborations in basic, translational, and applied research in the fields of pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics.

The main objectives of the CRIFF are:

The members of the CRIFF are complementary both for expertise and scientific approaches. This will yield an added value to pharmacogenetic and pharmacogenomic research conducted by the CRIFF. Last, the network will also allow better spending of public or private funds raised by the CRIFF or by the individual members;

Alongside a platform of expertise, it is envisaged that the CRIFF will soon built a technological array of instruments that will be housed in a joint laboratory;

Pharmacogenetic knowledge will be used to generate algorithms that will improve pharmacological treatments of single patients;

increase scientific knowledge in pharmacology, pharmacogenetics, and pharmacogenomics, both in healthcare professionals and in the public.

Increase scientific collaborations. This will be directed to scientists in public and private organizations.