Pharmacogenetics of migraine

ffecting up to 12% of males and 24% of females in the general population, migraine is a primary headache disorder with a profound social and economic impact. In 2002, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported migraine among the world's top 20 leading causes of disability.

A variety of drugs are used to treat migraine headaches: pain-relieving medications, also known as acute or abortive treatment, which include triptans and ergotamine derivates, and preventive medications (e.g. amitryptiline, fluoxetine, valproate, topiramate, flunarizine, propanolol) which are taken regularly, often on a daily basis, to reduce the severity or frequency of migraines.

The term “medication-overuse headache” (MOH) has been recently introduced to describe a chronic daily headache usually occurring in people with migraine or tension-type headaches caused by an excessive use of medication taken for symptomatic headache relief.

The Center has undertaken a number of pharmacogenetic studies to evaluate the value of genetic polymorphisms as predictive factors for response respectively to triptan and prophylactic drugs, as well as risk factors for MOH.

Project leaders: Armando Genazzani, Salvatore Terrazzino, Michele Viana.

Clinical Centers: Istituto C. Mondino, Pavia; Centro Cefalee (Ospedale “Maggiore della Carità”, Novara).


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